Our Process

Business Setup, Store Creation, Product Sales.
Amazon FBA Management Service

Done For You From A To Z

From Setup To Sales

Our Amazon store management services will design a personalized sales strategy tailored specifically for your business. After doing in-depth research, our team will select high-demand, low-competition products for your store, and then closely monitor their performance. We’ll ensure continuous communication, thereby providing you with regular updates to keep you informed about your FBA automation management & your store’s progress.

Ongoing optimization & scaling efforts will be the norm moving forward as we strive to enhance and maximize your results consistently. Our Amazon seller management services are a profit split model, so to maximize our own returns, we must maximize your returns; in other words, we’re just as invested as you are in the growth & success of your store.

What Does Joining Look Like?

Step By Step Breakdown

Step 1 Activation

Our Amazon FBA management service starts with us helping you select the most suitable package from our diverse Amazon seller management options. Following your selection, we guide you through the process of securing the necessary working capital essential for your initial setup. Once the formalities are completed and you've officially joined, we seamlessly introduce you to your dedicated account managers, and together, we kick off the journey with your welcome call.

Step II Setup

Step 2 in our Amazon FBA management involves the establishment of your LLC for this venture and your new business bank account. Subsequently, your dedicated account managers will initiate the configuration and approval process for your Amazon Seller Central account, ensuring you are prepared for business. Finally, the team dives into the task of identifying suitable products to launch on your store, and builds a custom website required for your brand approvals.

Step III Growth

During the early stages of your Amazon seller automation management, your store will start off slow. This is because we need to the get the brand approvals required to sell the most lucrative well known and recognized branded products on your store. We use this time to expand your product selection & define the growth strategy. Once this period passes, we hit the ground running, and you can see great results even in just month 2 or 3, with consistent growth thereafter.

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Amazon Seller Management Services

Which Strategy Do We Use On Amazon?

Wholesale, arbitrage or dropshipping?

With our Amazon business automation management, we use the wholesale FBA/FBM strategy. Which means we buy products in bulk, and ship them to your Amazon customers from either the Amazon warehouse, or our own Chicago warehouse. We wholesale both big & small brand name products. Once your store gets big we also sometimes add private label, which is where you use your own brand.

We don’t do drop-shipping or arbitrage on Amazon. These methods are fast and don’t require purchase of bulk inventory, but they often get your account suspended/banned on Amazon because quality suffers when you ship a product straight from a supplier to a customer, and Amazon hates looking bad in front of shoppers.

Amazon Seller Automation Management

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