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To Give People From All Walks of Life Reliable Passive Income
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Regardless of background, reaching financial freedom is always a major goal for most people. So providing people from all walks of life with a dependable source of income and helping them build economic resilience is something we're very proud of.

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Our Story

For years, our team has been deep in the Amazon trenches. We started out as a couple friends building Amazon stores for themselves. Turned out we had a knack for online marketing and e-commerce so we found success pretty quickly for ourselves. When things took off, people in our circles took notice and we started getting requests to help them get started with e-commerce as well. And well, things took off from there.

At one point we found ourselves managing over 50 client stores, so we started building out infrastructure, partnering with warehouses for logistics, creating stronger relations with brands and suppliers and more. We kept scaling from there, slowly but surely, being cautious not to take on too many clients too fast, as we knew quality of results would suffer from growing too fast. Even today, we limit any account manager to a maximum of five client accounts, to prevent fatigue.

So we moved steadily from there, acquiring more tools, strategic partners, and staff. Today we have a team of happy people who love to help our clients hit their financials goals just as much as our leadership does. Everyone on our team gets paid on a performance basis, based on how well the client stores that they manage do; so our team is always just as invested as our clients are in their store’s success.

A Word From Our CEO

Hi, My Name's Mo

Muhammad Baig

If you’re reading this, you must be a serious investor searching for a proper passive income opportunity. That’s a journey I’m intimately familiar with. As an internet entrepreneur for over a decade, I delved into entrepreneurship during my university days, when I was specializing in online marketing, sales, and funnels. After honing my skills and assisting numerous businesses in scaling their sales, I recognized the potential to leverage my marketing expertise in the e-commerce space.

Knowing that Amazon was the go-to platform for e-commerce, I committed to building not one but multiple Amazon stores for myself and a few friends. My background in sales and advertising helped me to quickly master Amazon and a little while after we started getting requests from some friends & family to help them get into Amazon as well. We tried teaching them how to do it on their own, but we quickly realized that people usually don’t have the time to figure it out on their own, so we just started running their stores for them in exchange for a percentage of profits. Things started snowballing from there through word of mouth referrals, so I put together a team and we scaled our stores and operations. 

Fast forward to 2024, we’re grateful to say that we’ve helped helped over 150 clients reach financial freedom. If you want to take advantage of passive income from Amazon without going through the trenches of online marketing, reach out!

Muhammad Baig

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